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Cutting tiles is an essential part of tiling which needs specialist skill. Once proficient in this you need to choose the right blade for the job to achieve a professional end result.  
Choosing the right blade will enable you to carry out a more specialist task and save you money. 
Once experienced at cutting tiles you will be able to cut curves and angles by using an angle grinder or tile machine. 

Cutting of Porcelain tiles with a cutting blade. 

For best results when using fine porcelain, ceramic, marble and slate tiles we recommend our high performance Classicpro cutting blades, range sizes (115, 125, 180, & 230mm) with an ultra thin cutting edge which provides clean and precise cuts with no chip tiles, which can be used with most popular makes of corded/cordless angle grinders and tile machines.  
Always check diameter and bore size before purchasing.  
These blades can be used for either wet or dry cutting. 

Cutting Angles/L shaped cuts  

1. Mark with a marker pen where you want your cut to be 
2. Scribe the outline of the shape with a manual cutting machine. 
3. Use an angle grinder to cut the shape, shortest line first then gently snap the scribed part of the tile. 
4. End result should look like this 

Cutting Cutting Curves 

1. Mark outline of shape with a marker pen and draw horizontal lines across the shape as illustrated 
2. Cut the straight lines with a manual grinder. For best results use a Classicpro 115mm or 125mm.. 
3. Scribe edge of curve with manual cutter 
4. End result should look like this4. Use nippers to nip slithers of tile from shape. (Will need to nibble gently and finely for a neat edge). 

Cutting Circles on Porcelian tiles 

1. Mark and trace outline of shape with marker pen and draw horizontal lines as shown through circle. 
2. Using an angle grinder with a Classicpro 115mm or 125mm blade, make interior straight cuts along your marked lines. 
3. Scribe around outer circle with manual tile cutter. 
4. Tap two of the slithers gently off with the back end of your nippers however, be cautious when doing this as some tiles can be harder than others. In this case I would recommend marking and cutting more lines within your circle. 
Use your nippers to break the rest of the slithers off, remembering to use your 
5. End result should look like this. 
Safety First 
Always remember your safety when cutting tiles. Always wear PPE glasses, mask and gloves. This is very important as it is not unusual for small pieces of tile to chip off when cutting which can be damaging to your face/eyes. Masks should also be worn to protect your eyes from the dust that accumulates from the cutting, tile adhesive and grout. 
DISCLAIMER – Please Note: This is a guide only and Classicpro is not liable for the finished tiling project. 
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